MS Pipes

MS Pipe and MS Tube refers to Mild Steel Pipe or a Mild Steel TubesMild Steel (MS) pipes are manufactured using low carbon (less than 0.25{3983f1203189b81804ec769e74ab769a25d051ecff9a98574577e0ef6a4de4f7}) steel. Due to low carbon content the pipes do not harden and are easy to use. As MS Pipes are made from mild steel they can easily be welded and formed in various shapes and sizes for pipelining and tubing purposes. These are generally used for drinking water supply i.e. Plumbing, Firefighting, HVAC but can also be used in various other Industrial and Engineering applications. These pipes are usually coated with other metals/paints/varnish etc to prevent it from rusting but extra care should be taken to prevent it under extreme conditions.

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